Is a Cat the Right Pet For You?

You're ready to bring a pet into your life, but perhaps you're not sure whether you want to get a cat, dog, bird, hamster or other small exotic pet. All pets are living beings (MORE)
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What to Expect When Your Cat is Expecting

Cats can become pregnant as young as four months of age, which is why it's important to spay female cats before they go into their first heat. Allowing your cat to have a preg (MORE)

Using Spray Bottles to Train Your Cat

Contrary to what many people believe, cats can be trained, and unwanted behavior can be corrected. The most effective way to correct behavior is with a training approach that (MORE)

How to Get Your Cat Used to Visitors

Does your cat run and hide when the doorbell rings? Do your friends not believe that you actually have a cat? It's not unusual for cats to disappear to a safe hiding place whe (MORE)

Best Cat Quotes

Quotes inspire us because with a few well-chosen words, they can express a universal truth or an emotion. For cat lovers, quotes about cats can provide instant inspiration, li (MORE)
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