Is a Cat's Coat Color Linked to Personality?

Most cat guardians will adopt a cat based on her personality, but some also have a distinct preference for a particular coat color or pattern. But is there a link between coat (MORE)
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What Is Your Cat's Odor Trying to Tell You?

Cats are fastidious about keeping themselves clean and it's rare that a healthy cat emits a bad smell. A healthy cat has no distinguishable smell. If you notice a bad odor on (MORE)

Financial Responsibilities That Come with Owning a Cat

Bringing a cat into your family is a commitment that lasts for cat's lifetime. Cats can live 20 years or more, so this is not a promise that should be taken lightly. There is (MORE)
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The Fabulous Tabby Cat

Tabby cats, also referred to as tiger cats, are cats with a coat featuring a pattern of distinctive stripes, lines, dots or swirling patterns. Tabby cats have pencil like line (MORE)

What to Do When Cats Think Your Garden Is the Litter Box

You already know that indoor cats live healthier and safer lives. Unfortunately, keeping your own cat indoors may still not keep your yard safe from roaming stray or feral cat (MORE)